altEngine2-6.17.2018.zipAdded splines (type flyby on some maps) which are a combination of Hermite interpolation for position and quaternion sphereical linear interpolation (slerp) for orientation. I think there were some movement changes made also
altEngine2-1.28.2018.zipLot's of architectural changes, some linux improvements, added voice chat using opus codec, improved networking a bit so games should be more stable, (had 8 players connected at once and it was okay, bumped limit up to 16), added ability to load Source engine maps (counter strike source, half life 2, tf2, etc) but needs lots of work before being playable. Added sentry gun code, you can upgrade it with the lightning gun currently, also added lot of physics code that isnt being used currently (mainly object-object intersection type stuff) added master server code (master server isnt currently running, but I'll host one when I restart my AWS instance) gives ability to find active servers (probably wont be any, but hey there's a chance)
altEngine2-11.26.2017.zipFixed texcoords on bezier patches, added WM_INPUT 'raw' mouse option to menu/console (defaults off) + smoother mouse movement (1000hz high dpi etc should provide benefits now even in normal mode), added planet rendering ('r_planet 1' before loading q3tourney2, then 'setpos 2.5e5 0 0' might want to do 'r_sky 0' -- think it's on the icosahedron moon right now, I also have 'cubespheres' going, but texture coordinates need tweaking. (repeating texture on each face, should really be a cubemap) 'g_collision 0' will stop it from spinning (actually is replacing lighting gun model position) Made water movement suck less, fixed noclip (was causing NaN somehow) -- terrain also requires setting 'r_terrain 1' before loading now (prevent loading time penalty) Also added SPH and Oculus VR code, but still needs work befor enabling
altEngine2-11.12.2017.zipAdded heightmapped terrain (based on media/terrain/mt-ruapehu-and-mt-ngauruhoe.png, so edit that to play with it), Type r_terrain 1, then setpos 0 -5000 0 on any map, (I nomally turn off boom 'r_bloom' and set exposure down 'r_exposure 0.3' sphere skybox, terrain can also become sphere mapped, (planet) but still needs work, misc items like fixing sync of warmup timer for multiplayer
altEngine2-11.5.2017.zipLarge update, added stencil shadows, bloom, high dynamic range rendering with tone mapping, ambient occulusion, chromatic abberation, plus other postprocessing stuff, added options menu (that should be 99% functional) improved networking (4 player lan should be somewhat playable) Fog, and probably lots of things I'm forgetting to mention
altEngine2-10.8.2017.zipAdded func_train and func_bobbing support, made them somewhat rideable, fixed an issue with grenade launcher loading quake1 grenade launcher index
altEngine2-10.7.2017.zipCompiling as 64bit, added two sided surfaces (cull none), lava hiss sound, metal steps, player impact seperation force, minor stuff really -- oh yeah pid controller on plasma balls currently, makes them circle you
altEngine2-7.30.2017.zipAdded xbox controller support, added all quake 1 maps (map maps/start.bsp, map maps/e1m1.bsp, etc)
altEngine2-7.23.2017.zipFixed lava, slime damage, changed movement some, fixed some individual shader stage issues, added black and white when dead effect
altEngine2-7.16.2017.zipMade blends suck less, added bsp volume triggers (like death pits), made doors / buttons function somewhat, added display of system stats at startup
altEngine2-7.9.2017.zipAdded alpha testing, portal cameras (q3dm0 mirror, r_portal 1), explosion sprites, pasting with mouse3 to console/chat
altEngine2-7.3.2017.zipAdded ducking / walking, cleaned up shaders, added a few console commands and huffman compression, added d3d9 version (lighting is messed up)
altEngine2-6.25.2017.zipShadowmapping added, type shadowmaps in console, press numpad 7 to move the light, press +/- to see depth maps, numbers 0-6 to change cube faces, tab to select currently viewed light to shadow casting + Lot's of static analysis fixes, tab completion + mwheel/page scrolling to console
altEngine2-6.11.2017.zipAdded gauntlet, spread to shotgun, minor things like com_maxfps
altEngine2-6.4.2017.zipAdded res_scale, MG spread + impact marks, rendering player models in yaw only, tweaked movement, added ability to load doom1 sounds
altEngine2-5.17.2017.zipMinor stuff really, changed audio some, added rangerface + q1 jump sounds
altEngine2-4.16.2017.zipFixed some highspeed clipping issues
altEngine2-4.15.2017.zipFixed tccmod stretch, added rgbgen functions, blending lightmap on shaders stages using dst color, zero (which has an issue on some surfaces, blocking visibility on the now working bouncepads etc)
altEngine2-3.26.2017.zipTweak player movement, lots of general gameplay stuff
altEngine2-3.21.2017.zipReduced latency quite a bit, (essentially did recv more frequently than send) still large packets though
altEngine2-3.19.2017.zipMultiplayer stuff, added dedicated server and fixed network play a bit, it's buggy but you should be able to connect, move, and kill each other although it will be very laggy, LAN play only (large bandwidth due to uncompressed data)
altEngine2-1.22.2017.zipTurned on lightmaps in addition to realtime lighting, added chatmode (press T), rendering order tweaks, bullets/shell ejections, misc items
altEngine2-1.15.2017.zipAdded multipass rendering for blending purposes (slower really) improved playability, added lightning gun effect
altEngine2-1.8.2017.zipAdded rail effect, gui elements (crosshair, powerups, etc) changed collision detection quite a bit
altEngine2-1.2.2017.zipAdded particle system (tied to rockets and grenades for now)
altEngine2-12.31.2016.zipAdded muzzle flashes, chat and notification boxes
altEngine2-12.30.2016.zipBot movement (probably buggier than usual)
altEngine2-12.26.2016.zipNon moving bots
altEngine2-12.18.2016.zipShader parsing added
altEngine2-12.11.2016.zippk3 loading allowing a release

Note: I think all but 12.11.2016 have AVX-2 Floating point instructions enabled, so if it crashes at startup your CPU probably doesnt support AVX-2, going forward I'll stick to AVX-1 (after 1.2.2017)