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input_t Struct Reference

#include <types.h>

Public Attributes

bool attack
bool use
bool zoom
bool jump
bool escape
bool duck
bool control
bool pickup
bool moveup
bool moveleft
bool movedown
bool moveright
bool walk
bool weapon_up
bool weapon_down
bool scores

Member Data Documentation

bool input_t::attack
bool input_t::control
bool input_t::duck
bool input_t::escape
bool input_t::jump
bool input_t::movedown
bool input_t::moveleft
bool input_t::moveright
bool input_t::moveup
bool input_t::pickup
bool input_t::scores
bool input_t::use
bool input_t::walk
bool input_t::weapon_down
bool input_t::weapon_up
bool input_t::zoom

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