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Projectile Class Reference

#include <projectile.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Projectile (Entity *entity, Audio &audio)
 ~Projectile ()
void create_sources (Audio &audio)
void destroy (Audio &audio)

Public Attributes

bool noise
char noise_str [128]
unsigned int pickup_index
unsigned int respawn_index
unsigned int explode_index
unsigned int idle_index
char action [LINE_SIZE]
char message [LINE_SIZE]
float radius
int source
int loop_source
unsigned int pickup_buf
unsigned int respawn_buf
int explode_type
vec3 explode_color
float explode_intensity
unsigned int explode_timer
unsigned int idle_timer
unsigned int splash_damage
float splash_radius
float knockback
bool hide
bool active
bool played
bool client_active
bool idle
bool explode
bool health
bool armor
float timeout
float timeout_value
int owner
unsigned int num_bounce

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Projectile::Projectile ( Entity entity,
Audio audio 
Projectile::~Projectile ( )

Member Function Documentation

void Projectile::create_sources ( Audio audio)

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void Projectile::destroy ( Audio audio)

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Member Data Documentation

char Projectile::action[LINE_SIZE]
bool Projectile::active
bool Projectile::armor
bool Projectile::client_active
Entity* Projectile::entity
bool Projectile::explode
vec3 Projectile::explode_color
unsigned int Projectile::explode_index
float Projectile::explode_intensity
unsigned int Projectile::explode_timer
int Projectile::explode_type
bool Projectile::health
bool Projectile::hide
bool Projectile::idle
unsigned int Projectile::idle_index
unsigned int Projectile::idle_timer
float Projectile::knockback
int Projectile::loop_source
char Projectile::message[LINE_SIZE]
bool Projectile::noise
char Projectile::noise_str[128]
unsigned int Projectile::num_bounce
int Projectile::owner
unsigned int Projectile::pickup_buf
unsigned int Projectile::pickup_index
bool Projectile::played
float Projectile::radius
unsigned int Projectile::respawn_buf
unsigned int Projectile::respawn_index
int Projectile::source
unsigned int Projectile::splash_damage
float Projectile::splash_radius
float Projectile::timeout
float Projectile::timeout_value

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